Brand New: Wyre – Uprising (GetMziki Exclusive **)



I heard this song a few months ago/weeks so its not necessarily new, I think I heard it off a mixtape but finally got my hands on a reasonably okay quality which I can share. I fell in love with the track upon first listen – exclusively because this is a FRESH AIR productions. There is something interesting about this track you have to appreciate when you listen to it over and over again.

Personally I have always voiced my concern or dis-concern there off from the fact that Wyre focuses on singing in Patois which for me I don’t think is a good look. But F*&k it he kills it in this track, the rhythm, the momentum the composure or the lyrics, the harmonies and the strings coupled with his powerful voice just make this a track you’d want to see massive dub plates on. I mean how does Wyre start speaking or rapping in Patois ( – for all the folks who are not up to speed with Patois which is pronounced patwa here is a link for you to get educated – Patois or Pidgin English) yet he has never really lived or grown up in Jamaica. I figure Redsan and Shavie and Slice do the same thing but to me I find it such a substandard way of getting the point across.

Jamaicans and Nigerians do it coz thats how they speak regardless, for Kenyans to dub this and make it their own – I dont know. What makes a song reggae anyway? its not the language? albeit its the track composition the rhythm and production technique used, the piano work and the harps. So this track would pass regardless, the fact that Wyre blesses it with some lingo is just value add… Anyway what am I ranting about – maybe this is just what this song is about… ITS AN UPRISING.. I need to get with the program.

Wyre Bless – this is a killer track… Mad love.

listen to uprising here:


download the track here:


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