Cartel Feat Ken Razy, Alfayo, Kizo B, J.I, Innocent, Leboh, Sirgodizzo, Rabbit,Rap Damu – Inakubambia Wapi (Remix)



The people who know me well, know that I’m one of those people who go out looking and searching for good music that is either bubbling on the streets or just good music period. It’s funny that with all the internet sharing ways and all the technological advancement, I’ve found that you gotta keep your ears open for that good “non radio station playlist music”. A good example is I’ve been bumping to Jay Electronica for like 2 years now, but slowly and surely his music is creeping into mainstream outlets. Freddie Gibbs from the Midwest is one of them cats, that I’m bumping to right now and I guarantee you, give him 1-2 years and he’ll be signed to the majors. Good music knows no boundaries and has a way of getting to everyone sooner or later.

One of the cats that I have been hearing about and listening to his music is Cartel. I’ve been wanting to feature him on the site but I’ve always said that he needs that record that will showcase his skills to everyone in a major way. Through my connects I hit him up and he sent me his bio and his remix club anthem “Inakubambia Wapi”.

The remix track features tons of artists from Kenya and Tanzania with a hit list from Ken Razy, Alfayo, Kizo B, J.I, Innocent, Leboh, Sirgodizzo, Rabbit,Rap Damu. It’s one of those tracks that speak for themselves. The video is also great (Check out the Ladies doing their thing) making this track a club anthem. Having previously recorded under Maji Maji studios and now working with Kamata Entertainment, Cartel is one of the “New” artists to watch out for in 2010 in Kenya.


Listen to The Track Below:


Download The Track below:

Watch The Video Below:


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