Full Kipupwe – Wakamba Wawili feat Abbas

Full Kipupwe actually means cool season, or super baridi with high winds,cialis uk its not one of those words that you'd normally hear through conversations, unless you are in Tanzania or somewhere in...

Brand New Mejja feat Madtraxx & Jimwatt – Roundi Hii

Mejja has been turning heads and ears in Kenya over the last few months after he came out with his hit track "Kuliendaje". The lyrics off Kuliendaje definately helped put him on a class...

Jimwatt – SikuJua (Calif Records)

Jimwatt who has a bunch of hits under his belt by now and is probably one of the oldest Calif Record Veterans, has scored this new joint as an upcoming single in one of...

Si Lazima : P-Unit feat Nonini

Its rather obvious what this song means once you listen to it a couple of times. Its a classic club banger in Kenya, and its had the industry buzzing for a few months now....

Maurice Kirya – Gwe Nafuna

Download Gwe Nafuna

MB – Dogg – Latifa

Download MB Dogg

TID – Nilikataa

Download TID - Nilikataa

Winning Your Ex Girlfriend Back After Being Dumped

How To Get My Boyfriend Back - Noorah who has frequently been quoted saying that Bongo Flava will continue having that bubble gum "Big G" effect for the next few years, and only the...

Jua Cali and Sanaa sing Kwaheri!

Listening to this track I get reminded of Taarab, which is music I grew up with for a long time having grown up in Dar es salaam. Taarab essentially is feel good music that...

Pam’s Gold Mine

Immediately the pop band group called SEMA disbanded I knew that was the end for all the three of them. I couldn't believe how a group of young talented Kenyans brought together by the...

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