Chidi Benz feat Ray C – Baby (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


Chidi Benz

Chidi Benz is probably the hottest Tanzanian artist in the game right now. Actually let me rephrase that – CHIDI IS THE HOTTEST in the game right now as far as GetMziki is concerned. His raspy voice, crazy lyrical flow allow him to pretty much sit in charge of East Africa when it comes to commanding Bongo Flava. I understand he is notoriously known for bad manners and sort of an arrogant demeanor but lets face it, which rapper doesn’t have any arrogant qualities??

I personally like Chidi’s music, its bold its “in your face” its loud – this is probably the first track that I have heard that is probably mellow and has a more laxed mood to it. Alvin sent this track months ago but we slept on it, typically Bongo tracks are posted faster than any other East African tracks. However my man Alvin has been busy and working on getting his A game up. Either way it feels as though we will have a Tanzania week to start the year off because we seem to have gotten a lot of new Bongo music and Taarab so we still need to find a strategy to share all this music.

All in all enjoy this Chidi Benz track featuring another Bad Girl on the hook – Ray C.

listen to Baby here:


Download the track Below:

watch the video here:


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