DJ Week: DJ Mista Prime/ DJ Mista Cee (Primetime Radio)


I’ve worked in the Entertainment industry for a while both in the US and in Africa. I worked for a record label in the US for close to 3 years and then moved back to Kenya worked for Entertainment companies for a year, started my own and then eventually ended up on Radio.

While in Kenya I had the opportunity of working with some of the most talented individuals, DJs, promoters and business owners. But by far my greatest experiences were when I spent most of my time working with the local DJs because they always had a pulse of the community, the sound, the mood and vibe of the youth. That journey inspired in part the birth of GetMziki and ultimately the collaborations that we enjoy greatly today with other international DJs today.

That said every year my partners in Kenya send me music sets of work we had done back in 2005/2006, whats amazing to think about is the fact that the material still sounds so good and so fresh today.

In 2006 I worked on a radio show called PTR (Prime Time Radio) which was to be hosted by DJ Prime and DJ Cee. The show was to be syndicated in Tanzania and Uganda – the first time these two were ever going to be on radio, the fruits of which are attached below.

Prime Time Radio – Band 1 (hour 1)

Prime Time Radio – Band 2 (hour 1)



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