Dj Simple Simon & Mc Fire Kyle- BPM Vol 15



I must admit that I rarely listen to Dj mixes or radio nowadays and if I do so it’s a few handful select djs that I listen to. One of the key reasons is that 99% of the mixes will have the same old songs that the other djs have. I mean with so much availability and music access today, does every dj mix need to have the Major Lazer record. Yeah it’s a dope record but it’s too much overkill. That’s just one example. The list is endless.

2014 finds Simple Simon and Mc Fire Kyle going against the grain and keeping it 99% East African. The tiny sprinkle of Naija music in the mix was just enough:). I really recommend them for stepping out of the box and having a mix with out of the box dope records. How many djs can you count that have Prudence, Richo Mavoko or Pizo Dizo on their mixes. This mix in terms of good dope records is a must have for anybody who LOVES music….

We’ve posted 90% of the records in the mix on the site which tells you volumes on the music we feature here…

Like Simple Simon says “This is 100% pure fire !!! ”

Listen to the Mix below:


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