DJ Wesley – Mambo Makubwa Tour Sets


I’ve had an old DJ Wesley mixtape on my ipod for over two years, I normally put it on heavy rotation because it was done at a point and time I had lost faith in DJ’s. That particular mixtape is somewhere on this site, he produced it when he was at Homeboyz. However it seems some future coalition with Breakpoint DJs is in the horizon so he has been submitting some new sets which somehow have landed on my laps.

It’s been a while since I was managing DJs or talent but often I will listen to music and tell if a DJ has potential or not. The challenge however with most Kenyan DJs is that they all play the same DAMN thing so as much as you may want to criticize one DJ over another – really the discrepancy scale is so thin because they all compete playing the same songs, same genre and same style. The only person I continuously commend is DJ Edu – because to me Edu is one person who looks outside his comfort zone and starts experimenting with new music and through this process Edu has broken so many songs and so many artists its no wonder he is the Number One African DJ.

I dont know Wesley personally but I do know he is one of the upcoming Kenyan DJs whom I think if remains consistent and relevant, will do big things one of these find days. Either way enjoy some of his more latest work – which in my personal opinion is where I would expect any relevant DJ to be at – Skill wise and musically.

listen to set one here:


download it here:

Listen to set two here:


download the set here:


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