DJ Wesley – Mobile Blast Vol 3 (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


Dj Wesley
image courtesy of Jamhuri City

Many people who don’t know me and read my blogs or any of my interesting takes on life or criticism on different things will probably tell you that I am a hater. I am a firm believer of kill the hype and lets call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. So often I never give people or products the credit they deserve because I am always looking for the flaws before I start looking for the positive uplifting aspects. I think one of the biggest saddest things you can have around you as an aspiring entertainer or entrepreneur, is a guy who tells you – “your the shit homie, your hot, your all that” when deep down he knows you are just mediocre.

Personally I have many people who tell me am half stepping, am mediocre and that I can do better. I have a group of people who tell me to change GetMziki – the interface is too old now, the download links don’t work, the images are whack!! LOL. I love those guys coz they make me want to do better each day i wake up. LOL. I think 30,000 users later I am still trying to do better and to serve this massive flow of music enthusiasts.

So when I pick a DJ and say I think this DJ is hot – please believe me that comes with all the salt water and omena from Kisumu to accept that some cat is just tight. Truthfully I’ve worked and hang out with some of the greatest in the game in East Africa. In the US being called a good DJ is relative because there are guys in their basements or in their apartments with decks just juggling and playing with Serato for fun. When I was 16yrs old I used to frequent some parties thrown by a guy called Nguyo and the Osogos deep down in a place called Taurus. DJ Pinye had a buddy of his called DJ Omar. DJ Omar who was from DC at the time was just BAD NEWS!!! this dude was juggling back in like 94/95 – these guys essentially really just brought hiphop to Kenya in a big way. (which is one of the few reasons I salute Pinye today, however the last time Pinye played Lords of the Underground, Steve Nice or Diamond D sijui… tsk tsk tsk)

Anyway I digress – DJ Wesley’s mixtapes restore my faith in creativity and in the ability to create something exciting and bold. I think right now I would put him as one of the BEST or probably the best DJs Kenya has to offer. It doesnt even really matter that majority of his stuff is software based – to me its the execution of the mixes and the blends he puts together. The guy is just a small genius. I am also particularly fond of their new online journey in the form of which is a well branded, well demarcated website. I am feeling the whole Jamhuri Entertainment, and the entire merchandising piece they are putting together. I see great things coming off these ventures and I am keen and watching. But for now Wesley just keep making these mixtapes they are on fire….

listen to the Mobile Blast Vol 3 here:


download the track here:

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