DK Kwenye Beat – Kereka (**GetMziki Exclusive)



Ok. I must admit I had this record a few months ago. I started posting it but was side tracked. Hey, what to do. At least I’m honest. Let me say something that is personal to me and that I’m passionate about.
I have said this so many times and it seems like overkill and maybe it’s due to my Capricon nature but we have enough dope record from the East african region to rock a party for more than 2 hours. I get so many mixtapes sent to us to feature from EA djs with like 90 % Naija music with most djs saying “we don’t have enough records to maker a 1hr strictly EA music. Don’t get me wrong, I love music in general but when you feature the same ol records in mixtapes I gotta press next. This is record I will not press forward too….

We have featured DK Kwenye Beat on the site before. “Kerekea” needs no comment. This is a big Chune………..

Enough said..

Watch the video below:


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