Erica Lulakwa – Close to You (GetMziki Exclusive **)


I am kinda proud to post this song today because Erica just so happens to be a good friend of mine currently based in San Francisco where half of Getmziki lives. First time I met Erica and we talked she told me about her music and all I could reiterate to her was just be yourself. Don’t try to come out with some R&B album it will just backfire. So truthfully I never had the opportunity to sit and sample her music until a few weeks ago when she released her first single off her upcoming debut album.

Honestly I love it, I love the work put into the first production, the time invested and overall the marketing approach. Just watch the quality video and the eye candy they had to fly to Los Angeles to get to fit into the video. I personally think its amazing. This is evidence that when you stick to what you are good at, you definitely will have some room in this huge musical universe. Erica is not new to music and media however, she worked at KISS-FM in Tanzania, Trinity and at TBC (Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation) while pursuing her passion for music on the side. She released a single a few years back titled “Tafakari” and since she’s found her way into the US and currently wrapping up her album.

From this song you can tell she is heavily influenced by the Angelique Kidgoz and has a knack for Zouk sound. For now listen to this relaxed banger and give us your thoughts.

Listen to the track below:


Download the track below:

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watch the video here:


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