Fena Gitu – Africa Massive(**GetMziki Exclusive)


Looking for a banger to fuel your cold or summer days? Look no further than Fena Gitu’s latest work.

I had heard about her from one of my connects a while back, and was really impressed. However, “Africa Massive” perfectly captures who Fena is as an artist: fun, crossover-ready, and in tune with that perfect mix of self and mainstream pull. As Fena, describes the track,

“Raise up your glasses and make a toast to Africa Massive!”

Fena’s voice sounds great and this is a nice track overall. Honestly, currently Fena’s musical diversity makes her one of my fav artist that I’m looking foward for her debut album. Just check out her other released tracks like “Fenamenal Wo(Man)” and “down”

The song was produced and arranged by Fena Gitu and Jaaz Odongo

On a personal note, I’m really impressed on Fena’s online presence with the graphics for the song and the catalog of her visuals, something that many Kenya artists are lacking when promoting their songs. Kudos to Fena’s team!!!!

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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