Five Alive – Oh Ndio Ndio (GetMziki Throwback Exclusive ***)


Its probably 1am as I post this classic track, see what happened was … I watched a video reel that Afroshok had made and he used a snipped of Just a Bands – Oh Ndio (off their new album). The song kept looping in my head like a bad flu. I realized I had heard that song before somewhere. So I reached out to our contacts in KE (Dan!) and pretty much just looped my thoughts over an email.

Dan just responded with the track and the facts – FIVE ALIVE, 1996 Oh Ndio Ndio – I still love you. Ohhhhh YESS and my night is complete.

Real talk Five Alive paved the way for so many Kenyan local artists its amazing when I listen to the likes of Didge, Nameless, Chizi and so forth. There was something special about this group – THEY COULD ACTUALLY SING. They were all musicians in one form or another and some actually played instruments. Although I think Bruce Odhiambo was really the man behind a lot of their hits. Ive had the privilege of meeting and be-friending 90% of the crew (Joe, Victor and Eric) became really close friends and honestly the dudes are just fresh and good energy. Its no wonder Five Alive was just successful bunch of singers. I have so many fond memories of their music and their performances, but for tonight/today I leave you all with this hit thats well deserved on GetMziki.

I will update this post with the Just A Band version. But for now just enjoy this, sit back on a corner somewhere and think about where you were in 1996 when these guys were running media in Kenya (Jimmy Gathu’s JAM A DELIC looped these tracks back to back).

listen to Oh Ndio Ndio here:


download the track here:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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