French Boy – Curly B (GetMziki Exclusive******)


I’ve said it so many times while showcasing various artists and producers. There are artists who have natural talent and make their way up from being popular to super-stars and mega-stars. The potential and energy is there and it’s just a matter of getting the right team and embracing a go to producer and sticking with them for a while . One of those artists who in my books has the potential to be a superstar is French Boy. What I see lacking for him is a naturing producer and a lack of a strong online presence.

So, when I first got the track this past week, I saw the production credits listed as Wawesh Mjanja and I was ecstatic. I really don’t wanna go through his whole production and artist management portfolio, but Wawesh is an amazing producer and above all knows what to do in terms of pushing records, creating brands and taking artists from point A to Z.

On Curly B, which they describe as a mixture of Zouk and Soul, Wawesh handles the production duties while French B lends his vocals to music I like describing to as laid back, with a party groove to it. This is very different indeed, and I like it…

Ooh, one other thing, we have the download link to the song 🙂

Listen to the track below:

[audio: B.mp3]

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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