GBO – My City



Lately there has been a lot of love being shown towards Nairobi – just last week Carol Atemi released a track called Nairobi which sorta pays tribute to the beautiful city she lives in. A few weeks before Atemi, GBO had dropped this hard hitting track to do the same – to bless and talk about NBO/254 pride. GBO is staying consistent with his lyrical flow and it seems no matter what the critics think – Noah is coming at you and coming hard. (STATS don’t lie either the video racked in about 9,000 views in just the first week) and an additional 600 streams on his SoundCloud.

I am GBO’s biggest critic because I know from a content perspective the kid has stories to share with the world, that will not only inspire some, but will change how other kids view their own lives. To me he is a walking testament of pursue your dreams until you can’t pursue no more – so I applaud him, criticize him and push him to get better and do great music. The only difference between his approach and mine is that he is currently focused on doing what he loves for the love of the game, I on the other hand believe that music is all about business and numbers – when you compare Flo-Rida back then (Elevator – 15Mil) and Flo-Rida today (wild ones – 170M) its obvious this industry is one big fat money making machine. I mean Flo changed everything about him to fit his new image and his new business uniform 🙂 (changed his flow, got rid of the hair, got rid of timbaland he he he and went HAM on the dance scene)

Anyway I have no doubt that GBO will be around for a while and if My City is any indication of whats on his upcoming debut album – then we are up for some good tunes this coming year.

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:


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