GetMziki Faceoff : Wyre vs Cool James vs Les Wanyika


I was going to drop all three MP3’s but I figured it makes more sense to just kinda let the videos in all these three variations do the talking. I recently heard this Wyre song (a remake of sina makosa by Les Wanyika) a few things came to mind as I

listened to the song.

– I was glad someone is actually attempting to do remakes of the hot ish that we had in Kenya.
– I was excited that someone is following in Cool James footsteps
– I was confused at the attempt, as to whether it was at the same quality, better or worse?

From what I understand Ulopa put this version together and collaborated with Wyre, this just might be the first Ulopa song that I am not feeling as much. Please note I admire both these artists – and I have been an avid Ulopa fan for a while. Wyre is a close friend as well but when I dont feel the song I just dont feel it. Maybe am just talking tell me what you guys think?

(Nothing comes close to the original though – those trumpets.. yawaaaa!!!)

watch Les Wanyika here:

watch Cool James here:

watch Wyre here:


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