Happy Birthday – GetMziki (You are officially 1yr old)



A Few weeks ago I posted an article on my personal blog that was geared more towards how GetMziki works and what it takes to make it work. If you are interested you can read it here: Getting Mziki to work in Kenya. My next post hopefully next year will be Getting Mziki to work in Africa.

However after a few days i realized I didn’t thank those people in the right forum which is where the magic first happened. So this is an extension of that article and also an acknowledgement of all the people who work relentlessly to make Getmziki what it is today. We are a team of Internet Enthusiast, Music Enthusiast and Content enthusiast. We all came together because we agree music should be readily available and that there is nothing bigger and better to distribute music more effectively than the Internet.

Officially GetMziki existed in other forms since 2001 but over time and over economical changes the re-emergence of blogging as a vital communication tool, we rested on setting up the service last year January. It wasn’t until August 10th 2008 that we officially went live and figured that WordPress and Cloud computing would save the day. Today we boast over 500 songs posted and over 5,000 comments/reviews as well as over 7,000 constant users. We thank you – each one of you who continuously visit the website and continue advocating for hot fresh new sound from the motherland.

None of all this would be possible without Danny Munyi in Kenya, the man works hard for us as we do for him *your sneakers are still on their way :-). Chao Tolle at Capital, Steve Kintu – aka Mista Prime and Andrew Siro – aka DJ Mista Dru who collectively have made contributions and certain relationships possible for GetMziki. Blackstar Entertainment during our inception and for our long term partnership. Kwafujo Djs in Tanzania. Our Anonymous Naija resources as well as Tru spot in the US we thank you all so much. To all the Kenyan DJs that send me/us emails every week telling us whats hot and whats not hot – asante sana. To our Mombasa connections and all the new aspiring artists that hit us up from Kenya requesting to be on the site – thank you so much. To all the US artists who constantly splatter GetMziki links on their facebook pages and their friends lists – Asante sana. In Canada our connects Ghana Mixtapes – DJ Julz – Julz Media and all the West African link big up yourself.

But most importantly I want to say a big thanks to the core team – Louis Majanja, DJ Dona, Danny and Alvin – you guys make running this site seem easy. So thank you all for taking the time to review to collect to post and to manage the content of this website. I hope GetMziki version 2 will live up to its expectations (I still cant believe that we are running Beta).

Lastly all your readers and fans – its a pleasure knowing that if we dont post a new song in a day or two – people feel as though their lifestyles have been yanked from them. People actually get upset when we go quite for a week. I appreciate all your support, to all the US DJs that depend on this website to get hot new flava – thank you for all the mixtapes and for the big ups on your websites and on your shows. We look forward to a promising year and hopefully we will not stop…

We HAVE too many drops for GetMziki however I have never been a firm believer of name dropping my brand to get fame – I often felt that the quality of my work should allow people to name drop without me asking them to do so. However two particular artists have really inspired me – and inspired this site as a whole. P-Unit in Kenya who are under Musyokas flagship continuously challenge me to think about their brand differently, my first post on them was semi-negative but I knew I liked their collaborations with Nonini… So I will post their drop to say a personal thank you to them (and Nonini too). Second is K-Naan, who has been an inspiration and continues to inspire so many African artists – I have posted a video drop that he did for us (its typical for people to think that artist such as K-naan are not well engraved in the community – but believe it or not he reads the site from time to time 🙂 )

P-Unit : GetMziki shout outs!



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