HARDSTONE – Beautiful Girl (GetMziki Exclusive Remix***)


Its a slow FRIDAY so I decided to dig into my music vault. I have some interesting music if I was given a whole month just to showcase the music I have collected over time from artists themselves I am sure guys would be shocked. I have music that wasn’t supposed to leave studios. I have songs and beats Musyoka had made about 5 years ago and decided not to sell, I have stuff he has made for fun (for creative purposes). I have stuff that people like P-FUNK make that NO ONE Has ever heard. But the stuff I enjoy the most is the stuff that I have or that i get from artists who just make music for fun to be creative and just to have some fun with music.

To me HARDSTONE was one such artist who just enjoyed making music from the bottom of his heart. I cant seem to find an equivalent to what HARDSTONE did in Kenya to reinvent local ethnic vs pop music with his UHIKI. I know today its a norm to hear Kikuyu on a rather pop beat but I must admit HARDSTONE was the pioneer of this. Just like my friend the late Cool James (Mtoto wa Dandu) was the first guy to put pop over Congolese beats, remix the sound and make it sound so fresh.

Anyway on a slow Friday I would like to share this unreleased (came out in 2007) HARDSTONE beautiful track. Of course some guys may have heard this track because it was officially recorded in 07. However for the masses we have never really posted it on GM and now that I think about it I don’t know why I never have. If I did I apologize but it needs a few spins today. I wish i could understand Kikuyu coz HARDSTONE makes this song sound so sexy yet I am sure the words are just OKAY. I would be dying to see a HARDSTONE and Mike RUAH collabo… Or is that wishful thinking he he he.

listen to beautiful girl:


download the track here:


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