Historians – Bouje (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



We have never posted a Historians song on this site ever. Funny enough I used to like these cats back in the day – they had that “Hey DJ” song a while back that featured all these Mash Auto cars. The song was pretty cool, the video was even cooler, that is until I saw the same cars on Bamboos video and a couple of other videos and then I hated the song… 🙂

Historians haven’t really done much as far as I can tell, but whenever Ogopa has blessed them with a beat they always tend to kill it. Am also glad that one dude cut off his dreads, they weren’t really a good look. he also seems to have cut some weight – honestly I know this has nothing to do with anything but you gotta admit the Historians are looking sharp and well groomed on that video. Not that they didn’t before but am just saying… Anyway I digress.

Overall I like this track, it sucks that I couldn’t get any quality images of the group anywhere on the internet. The Ogopa website seems to be under construction. I also hope this song is not supposed to be “Bourgeois” many people never know how to spell that word. a chile who is boujee (bourgeois) flossy flossy… he he he … the pronounciation is boujiii but its spelled – bourgeois … Anyway let me chill out, enjoy this exclusive track …

listen to bouje here:


download the track here:

right click and hit save target as – Historians Bouje

watch the video here:


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