Indiginas – (O.C.F) Operation Chips Funga Mixtape


CD Front:

CD Back:

We used to have “Mixtape Fridays” where we would showcase various artists doing mixtapes, but things have just been too hectic and the Friday feature slowly faded away. We are really in the process of restarting with it once again. Like we have stated before we really try to stay neutral when it comes to matters regarding artists, products, services and in most cases events. We however always support people that have been supporting us ever since we started the site.

Indiginas has been featured on GetMziki before and he just recently released his mixtape O.C.F “Operations Chips Funga” which is a prelude to his brand new album coming soon. Currently signed to In Da Groove Records, he is busy putting final touches to his studio album and from what I’ve heard so far, his musical growth is definitely evident.

The mixtape features his classics plus never before heard material including freestyles. We also appreciate the fact that he did a front and back cover with tracklisting, which we always strive for when we post various mixes. The bar has definitely been raised with O.C.F. The feedback we have been getting so far has been postive and we really commend the whole Indiginas management team. Big shoutouts to Wambosie the CEO!!!!


Listen to O.C.F below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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