Jemedari – No Competition (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I need to make this quick post while I wait for Jemedaris response to his crazy track… I rarely come across something that I just feel has so much potential. I mean I stumbled on this artists through the currently on going MUSEKE AWARDS (MOAMAS) nominations currently going on. So I was more than fascinated that some Non Kenyan group of folks actually presented this artist as a contender. After watching the video about five times – I realized this needs to be on GetMziki.

So while I wait for Jemedari to provide the MP3 please enjoy the video for now – coz this cat just made my day. I mean how do you just come up with a line like “Niko na confidence ya kufanya Mike Tyson akae kama ako na self esteem issues” LOL (sidenote: Mike Tyson has some real self confidence issues so that line wouldnt really be realistic in the real sense but ding it.. its a fresh flow).


listen and download the track here:

JEMEDARI – No Competition by getmziki

watch the video here:


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