Jimmy Flames feat Dr. Frabz – Jangolover (GetMziki Exclusive **)


image courtesy of NotJustOk

Our Naija connects just blessed us with this song today, but looking at the Blog lines it appears to be a slightly older song. Either way it deserves a spot on GetMziki – I am into local Naija music, I hate the new urban stuff thats coming out of Naija studios both in the US and in Nigeria. There is a very thin line between hiphop and the cross breed that has been thriving in Africa over the last few years. I’ve been introduced to a variety of new Naija artists but I felt they all sound like T-Pain or Kanye and not well suited for the GM market (I could be wrong).

As much as we do African Urban music here – I feel as though there is a fine line… FINE LINE. With no general bias there is a lot of music we dont post that comes from East Africa but if we feel it just sounds too Western like something off Power 106 radio out here we normally ignore :-)/. Sio kwa ubaya its just how we want to build the African Urban Music scene from our perspective. But this discussion is for another day.

Here is a classic example of a track that is crazy borderline – the beats can pass for anything, but the lingo is classic Naija – JANGOLOVER ha ha ha ha. I personally love that, lagos boy, Naija boy – whats a Jangolover – is it a JUNGLE LOVER?? Ama a Jango Lover (Like as in Luo Lover) ama it has nothing to do with Lover.. who knows but me I personally am feeling this track – enjoy!

listen to Jangolover here:


download the track here:


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