Joh Makini – XO and I see Me


First and foremost this are not new records. If you like that good music you probably have this on your music catalog. This two record were nominated for best Hip hop song for the Kili Music awards and that’s huge.
Joe or Joh as some call him had his debut in 1997 but it really wasn’t until 2004 when he became an essential artist in the region when he released “hawapendi”. In 2006 he released Chochote Popote which ultimately went to cement his reputation as a formidable Bongo Flava artist in the region.

For all the fans of Joh makini out there enjoy this records. XO features Gnako and you know when the two pair up it’s always a dope record.

Joh Makini lines best describes this song

Lyrics kali, msanii mkali, beat kali, ngoma kali, flow kali.. kila kitu kali kama hujaipenda hii song wewe sio mkali.

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Listen to Xo Below:

Listen to I see Me Below:

Watch the Video for XO below:

Watch I see you below:


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