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Just a band
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Buy now probably everyone has heard or seen or tasted a part of JAB better known as Just A Band. To me this group is sorta phenomenal in that they came up in Kenya with a completely different style and it seems to be catching on with a few local fans. I dont know how to describe their music in terms of local definitions, because it doesnt fit anywhere in our traditional conventional thinking and music liking… What I can say however is that its some good ass shit.

Although this statement is going to be arguable – I strongly believe Media outlets like Capital FM, helped pave the way for artists such as JAB. People got increasingly curious about Rock, house and trance music which eventually gave JAB an opportunity to be adventurous. If anyone has attended the 6AM parties in Karen you will know that there is a whole dance/punk underground scene somewhere in Kenya thriving.

The first time I heard this track I knew Jango’s were trying to take over and this was the first signal that the local Government was about to change. 🙂 But I eventually came to terms with the fact the group comprises mixed cultures reaching out to the masses in their own dialects and making it really funkie…

I salute you guys for setting up some crazy standards for music quality, production, style – coupled with some interesting extensive marketing support…

listen to Iwinyo Piny here:


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