K South – Kubaff (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



K-South fans will be happy to know that Doobiez and Bamboo entered a Studio recently and started a long journey to their official album. K-south represents a very important part of Kenyan hiphop history, but like all great things, they had to part ways find themselves and then ultimately find a way to get back together to make classic hits.

To date one of my favorite tracks and lines are on a track called Kapuka this – Kapuka that. The first line was just classic – BAMBBBBOOOO!!! “Hii Beat ni phat, kama Blaze, ama kama sukuma wiki na mayonesee, ama kama Lydia Abura na Victor Seii wakiingia kwa gari pamoja” I mean no one at the time had the audacity to just play with words and not worry about offending anyone. In fact one of the first few dis tracks was by Bamboo dissing the Kibukosyaz over some money deals – back then Kenyan hip-hop was real. It felt good – when people put their emotions and passions in the music and not really the monetary fulfilment of the music.

So I am excited about this project, I look at these two as folks who have nothing to prove lyrically or economically. They simply will be making just good music – Cant wait, I cant wait. And if this single is anything to go by – then I am ready for the EP.

Download and listen to the track

Listen to K-South Kapuka This Kapuka That


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