Kama – Cant You See (GetMziki Exclusive *****)



There are days I get new music and I sit on the songs so that I can reserve initial judgement. Then there are days like today when Mandugu Digital hits me with a CLASSIC that I cant hold my mouse very long. Real TALK am sambazaing the song roho safi! This song is FIRE – I’ve always known Kama can spit (Ukoo Fulani Mau Mau). Especially after seeing him over and over again on Hip Hop Colony. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that Mike (the Director of HipHop colony) was up to some good when he hand picked Kama as one of the story tellers in the documentary, because lets face it – this man can spit.

If you are a strong HipHop head like me then you will appreciate this track as much as I am. The sample remind me of Primo (DJ Premier), it feels so New York, yet so Ukoo Fulani MauMau – It feels so gutter, it feels so street, it feels so – Kalamashaka – It feels so KAMA. It feels like real African Hiphop and its wicked. Ambrose big up on the track coz this is a killer sample, its just what reminded me of how much I used to enjoy those You Kay Double Oooo tracks (UK double O – UKOO).. (For the slow guys thats how Ukoo fulani pronounce their group name on their rhymes).

Anyway am just excited today coz its been a while since Ive heard a Powerful song like this one .. So GM fans enjoy –

listen to cant you see here:


download the track here:


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