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“Yes, it’s finally here. As the year is finally approaching to a close, we are presenting the TOP 10 FRESHMEN IN KENYA in 2012. This has been a personal project and on the way recruited a few people who I believe were objective, knew what needed to be done and shared the same vision. We spent numerous hours, days, weeks and countless dialogue going back and forth between all the parties involved and the list is presented with no prejudice, payola or external backing. I know people are going to say we did not feature artist A or artist B and we acknowledge that some people might have been overlooked and we have reasons why. Please, do not ask why we do not have Octopizzo, Camp Mulla or Rabbit aka Kaka Sungura on the list. They are all past freshmen status and have graduated to the majors. We will be presenting 2 artists everyday of the week from Monday to Friday and finally close it with a mixtape from all the artists on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for making this possible.” #254top10freshmen2012

Kayvo Kforce is also among Kenya’s Top 10 Freshmen. Packing an ammo of rhymes, delivery and pizazz this rapper has cleared his own way and made his name synonymous with Kenyan Hip Hop. One not to go unmentioned.

We have featured Kayvo on the site before with Dying Breed and We here now and if tracks such as Death Wish and Rhyming are anything to go by his talent is clear for everyone to see. The main question we should be asking is whether he can take it to the next level. Whether on the conscious tip with songs such as Mr President or raw street delivery in Rhyming, Kayvo does this all in a days work making it look easy. Kayvo’s raps are worth a listen and with two mixtapes under his belt (Nare and Slumpossible) surely the best is yet to come.

Why You Should Care: In a field with notable rappers such as Khaligraph, Bamboo, Abbas and more, Kayvo easily stands out and holds his own. He has the capability to be one of the best hip hop artists we’ve had to offer who can deliver whether in English or sheng and his style is impeccable.

Notable Releases: Napenda Hip Hop, Hallo Mr President, Voice of Kibera ft (Octopizzo), Rhyming

Next Steps: Work outside Kenya, get other East African hip hop artists on wax to grow his movement and presence in the African scene. If his mixtapes sales units are anything to go buy it’s high time for an album.

Missing pieces to improve on : Kayvo needs more online presence. He needs to be more active on social networks connecting with fans. He needs to make his music more accessible, exploit Soundcloud and Reverbnation to the max, increase distribution by also getting his content to different blogs both outside and inside Kenya.

After the post was up, we hit up Kayvo to get his take on being part part of the 254 Top 10 Freshmen 2012 list. His words were “All ur love and support,both nyumbani na across borders is more than appreciated.Best believe ni mwanzo tu.Its time to elevate Kenyan Music”

– Co- Written by Carl the Truth and Dona

Listen to Rhyming below

[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/Kayvo_Kforce-Rhyming_Kayvo Kforce_(prod by K.O_Chamers).mp3]

Listen to Hello Mr.President below

[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/Kayvo_Kforce-Hello Mr.President_Kayvo Kforce&Ottomatic_(Prod’ by Pure Black Pro&Square Masters).mp3]

Listen to We here now below


For more on Kayvo Kforce Check out his , Twitter, Reverberation and Facebook.

Watch Rhymin

Watch death wish below


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