Kora feat Madtraxx – Fire Fever (GetMZiki Exclusive **)


I dont have much info on Kora other than the fact that he is an artist currently on the Red Republiks domain. This debut track from Red Studios seems to be a usual Madtraxx formula which is bound to work. Catchy repetitive tunes with flanky hooks. Kora delivers on the rhymes promise as expected bringing it all together practically. My review may seem bland to a few but to me am just saying that it’s a known typical formula that I’ve seen Madtraxx perfect. It’s not anything out of the ordinary. It is what Kenyans love – easy to remember and to sing along tunes.

One thing I like about Madtraxx and his team is the fact that they have a style that they are honing and its ultimately become their signature beat and theme. HIT after HIT. And that’s all that matters. After a few days you will be singing Fayah Fayah Fever, Fever – wacha this song ingiaz your system LOL

DJs enjoy instrumental attached…

listen and download the track here:

Madtraxx – Fire Fever by getmziki

listen to the instrumental here:


download the intrumental here: [Right Click save Target/Link as]


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