Lágbájá – Sobolation (GetMziki Throwback ***)


I want to share some Nigerian throwbacks that I listen to from time to time, this might be a little far fetched for what we call urban African music but to me this is still kinda fresh. So excuse me today while I make this personal post to make myself happy and possibly inspire some producers and artists who read the blog.

There are few artists with as many dimensions to them as Lagbaja – the flamboyant, masked character who emerged on the Nigerian scene in 1993. To start with, the name Lagbaja means ‘somebody’, ‘nobody’, ‘anybody’ in Yoruba. The mask and the name together represent the ‘facelessness’ of the ordinary people Lagbaja sings for and about.

They also reference the ancient tradition of Egungun, a Yoruba ancestral worship ritual in which the dancers or, masqueraders as they are called, wear elaborate masks and costumes. I have shared the video to this track called Sobooooo (Sobolation) which can help bring the essence of this man to life once you watch it and listen to it.

To me also a huge part of his music draws inspiration from FELA – essentially the trumpets and instrumentation is classic FELA completing my days each time I play this tune. PAP!

listen and download the song here:

Lagbaja – Sobolation by getmziki

watch the video here:


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