M.O.G – Wedding Day


We really got this track a while back, and haven’t really had an opportunity to post it until now.

Men Of God (M.O.G) are one of the top gospel groups in Kenya and I believe thier album “Someday” is in stores now. Having being nominated for the Groove Awards as well as the popular Chaguo La Teeniez Awards, M.O.G is really setting various trends in the Kenyan musical scene.

Some of my favorite tracks from the group include “Zing Zing”, “Tempted”, The “Tempted” remix with Issac Blackman and the club banger “Let him go”. I know some people are still on the sidelines regarding Gospel music being played in the clubs, but I’m sure everybody has grooved to some Gospel song at one time or another. Good music is good music!!!

On “Wedding Day” M.O.G take the wedding concept and create a perfect, non-forced and unique wedding song. There are tons of wedding songs floting around, but M.O.G’s take on it, was brilliantly executed and unique. This song will definitely be given tons of spins in weddings across Africa in the next coming years. This track also does wonders in the clubs!!!!!


Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the Video Below:


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