Madtraxx feat Porgie, DJ Stylez, Frasha, Prezzo, Sanaa, Collo, Bamzigi, Nameless, Amp.. – Big Shot (Remix) (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy – MADTRAXX FB – Creative GetMziki

Let me make a few things clear – there is a track thats being held hostage by me called GET DOWN by MADTRAXX that track is fire. I was given to sample the goodness and honestly my hands and fingers are itchy to release it. Madtraxx composed this track sometime last year but its part of his upcoming album so he asked as to “please” hold it for a moment while they wrap up the album – but that NGOMA is FIYAAAAH.

SIDE NOTE: Madtraxx, I heard that track on a mix DJ Joe put together, am beginning to feel very un-exclusive George, and thats not a good thing ..*smiles* // I thought GetMziki was a “Big Deal”

Moving right along – it seems this is the month of the mega remixes. It may appear everyone is trying to out do the other with how many artists you can get on a remix. Rumor has it this track had so many heavy weights that the original song was actually TEN minutes long. CodeRed then decided to cut the track down in order to keep it radio worthy. If this is true I would like to get my hands on the original ten minute song, real talk FRANCO and akina LES WANYIKA performed tracks for 13 minutes so whats 10 minutes. Lets sample the goodness and let us make the decisions of who should have stayed and who didnt deserve to be on the track.

My take on this remix – FRASHAAAAAAA!!! He killed it – everyone else wasn’t really necessary, especially Sanaa and Nameless, I mean I get it but nah…these vocalist should have been on their own. Like an R&B version of BIG SHOT… However that FRASHA guy.. WAAA!!… FRASHA killed it, PREZZ came out okay not as powerful as he did in the Chapaa remix. Collo was just okay… BUT BAMZY ha ha ha ha … I cant lie actually if it wasn’t for the fact that I haven’t heard anything from Bamzy for a while I really woulda been like this cat sounds like Bamzy. Getting Bamzy on this track was probably the highlight of the track (and the highlight of my year). I mean I just miss the whole NAZ, Bamzy, Wyre – ama its just me??? I appreciate the fact that he just bared his all, he gets real on the track ” took too much coke now am clean.. I want my old spot” I love that … Bamzy.. congratulations on the recovery.. looking forward to the supermans return…


listen to the Big Shot remix here:

[audio: Madtraxx-Big_Shot.mp3]

download the track here:


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