Madtraxx feat Simaro Lutumba – Skamaress (Jerry O remix)


I am thinking of retiring this song officially, never has one song garnered so much attention and hype in the history of GetMziki waaa!!! But before I do let me do a quick post from my connect in Nairobi called Jerry. Jerry is currently the music manager at Milele FM in Kenya which mostly plays Rhumba, zilizopendwa and other old classic African sounds. However sometimes they venture out to play urban African tunes to which I am much obliged to be a part of. Notwithstanding I have had a few remixes of the Kamares song but I think this one would cap out our Madtraxx, Chava adventure for the month simply based on how Jerry put this thing together.

Jerry mixed his version with the original Simaro Lutumba’s Maya song which in essence just sounds fresh. Listening to it I wish he would have the Lutumbas version ride out a little more but for the sake of creativity this is still sounding fresh. Am posting this because I believe these types of efforts are what make us as an industry just go out of limb to do great things. Truthfully after weeks of arguments and emotional torrents over which version is better – I think one thing is clear both artists were paying homage and in this day and age thats a rare thing to come by. I wish someone would remix Mary Atienos (Adamu na Eva) or Munishis (Kuokoka ndio fashion)… then we would be talking…

listen to Skamaress here:


download the track here:

*Update: right download file has been updated


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