Madtraxx – Get Down (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


We’ve been holding this song for a few months now at the request at Madtraxx and his team while they work to complete the video. It looks like the video just dropped last night so we are able to release this crazy banger. Through this genius work its evident that Madtraxx is growing as a producer, the instrumentation on the production seemingly has increased and in essence there is a level of keyboarding that stands out on this track compared to other tracks that he has produced in the past.

The first time I heard this banger I knew it will be a hit. I didn’t hide my enthusiasm as I emailed/texted Georgie to tell him what I thought. I still believe this will be a summer song in Kenya given proper airtime and proper exposure. The climax of this song can only be experience best through the crazy video produced by Luche (Clemo’s brother). Towards the end, Madtraxx yells out the different dance routines that are popular in Kenya, the video does enough justice of bringing this in and showing the current pop dance trends in the country. By far I think Mosquitoe is the most hilarious dancing style.

Either way – lets kick in the week with this exclusive track – enjoy

listen to Get Down here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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