Madtraxx – Skamaress (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Update: this post is being updated over the next 3 days due to the on going conversations about the track*

Update: DELA just sent me a link to her live perfomance of KAMARES (Meanwhile what does KAMARES mean?) – Check out DELA performing the song live [dont worry I was kind enough to Que the URL to start just when she freestyles Skamares]

Madtraxx released this track on Saturday in Kenya at Homeboyz radio and as with all MADTRAXX hits it’s hit the streets running and with so much hype and buzz its inevitable that we would jump in on the conversation and post the track while its still fresh. Our new policy is to release tracks at least a month after they have been released but not when you have something this hot off the plate and already filled with so much controversy.

So first things first Madtraxx track is FIRE… Its different, its unique its probably a much needed change in the music market in Kenya from all the local hiphop thats been going on. Kamares is definitely a word play and creative play from a classic kid tune many of us sang while we were young (if you grew up in Kenya).

However here is where this track gets fuzzy, for many folks in Kenya who dont know about two years ago I believe Joint ya Chava and crew (Koroo and Vyba) produced and performed a similar track called Kamares. Their version by virtue of Chava’s specific production skills was big in the US but unfortunately I dont think it really crossed over to the East African radio and DJ waves. So its not a surprise that some people didnt immediately recognize the hook after listening to Madtraxx hit. I personally dont have any opinion with regards to whether Madtraxx jacked the song or if indeed its been jacked – specifically because both songs took advantage of a tune that we created when we were young – so maybe we all need to get some sort of recognition for creativity.

However I think its sad that Chava didnt/doesnt get as much props for his creativity as this MADTRAXX song has and will especially onces its starts going into heavy rotation. To me I think this is another case of the Kenyan market not really caring for the US/Abroad- Kenyan Music market. There are so many hits that are churned out of home studios here that are bangers but because they really dont get the push or the right artists to embrace their appeal they often just die. I have to reiterate to me its okay if someone bites your style – it means you are doing something right somewhere…. I dont know if Madtraxx was biting anyones style here however there is a certain alarming resemblance of these two songs (from a hook perspective).

// Also which of the two do you think is a banger?

listen to Skamaress here:


download the track here:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Listen to Kamares here:


download the track here:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Update: Warrior posted this url below to talk about the beat that Madtraxx used, this is the most I think we have discussed a track ever on GetMziki but some interesting takes have been thrown on this post. We appreciate all the feedback and critic. My two cents on the beat – I would say thats what they call sampling ama? lol I mean even the best of the best Sample, Musyoka has sampled, Clemo has sampled…


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