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The coastal region in Kenya has its own bubbling music scene and tons of artists and record companies. I do not want to get into any specifics and reasons, but it seems that they always never get any props or much needed kudos for all the great music coming out of that region. Things have slowly started getting better and now people across the country are slowly getting to see the talent coming out of the region. I’m sure if I post their top FM radio station countdown list, many people including djs especially in the Diaspora wouldn’t really know who the artists are or even have their music.

One of the amazing talent is Mama Sizo, who was the Female Artiste of the Year at the just concluded Nzumari awards. She’s a Kenyan-based German songstress-cum-businesswoman and has been hitting the streets, radio and clubs with her tremendous music. Vera Hassler, originally from Erlensee near Frankfurt, came to Mombasa for holiday in 1993 and fell in love with the country and ever since has been living there, recording and making good music. She first started by performing in nightspots in and around Mombasa and her music fans and presence just started building from there. She says she writes all my lyrics and only get help when she needs the words translated into Kiswahili.

Many of her songs are being played on Mombasa’s FM radio stations, including “Mpenzi ni Wewe”, “Nakuhisi Rohoni” “Why” and many more. You really gotta respect her hustle and grind, which should also serve as a template for upcoming musicians who really give up when they either faced with a stumbling block or are told ‘”no” by people. This is one of her songs that has been getting plenty of play on Mombasas FM radio stations.


Listen to the track below:


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