Miggy Feat Ziggy – Best Dj


Its one of those times where we feature an artist grinding hard and perfecting thier craft. One of our main connects Dan, has been sending us tons of music lately and we really have been trying to play catch up. Keep the tracks coming Dan!!!!! One of the tracks that caught my ear and really had everything (small bio, picture and Mp3 ) we typically need to post songs correctly, was this song “best dj” by Miggy .

Omari Migisi aka MC Miggy or simply Miggy is an artist who has been grinding and bubbling slowly on the music scene in Kenya. He’s affiliated with G-Hood Records and just launched his 14 track album this past May which was as he puts it ” was graced by my friendly artists like Pilipili, Jaguar, Tbroz, Mr Jiggy and Cool Malk”.

His album features tracks like “Watu Wawili”, “Blanketi” and “Nimechezi” among others and from what I’ve heard so far this kid got some heat!!!!

On “Best Dj”, which is a song that will slowly but surely capture you, Miggy talks about his “best dj” being a lady who knows how to rock a party and how he never misses any parties when she’s djing. Check out the video too and you will see a couple of your favourite celebrity artists and djs.


Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:



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