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Fist of all let me start by saying that I’ve wanted to do like a mixtape day where I showcase various songs or videos making the rounds in Africa partly maybe because we don’t not know so much about the artists and also partly because we might just have a video with no quality GetMziki audio. I’m not saying that none of the the artists deserve a “Full Post” but if they get featured on a mixtape day their song is worth it.

The first song we start off with is the song by “Sukuma” by Mabeste Feat AY. Alvin, a GetMziki affiliate sent us this song and it just says it’s a Kenya/TZ collabo. I know AY is from TZ but I don’t know anything about Mabeste. Either way this song is making rounds in the streets, hence that’s why its getting a feature on mixtape Fridays.

The second track is a video from Nazizi from Kenya, Naeto C from Nigeria, HHP and Proverb from South Africa, Zeus and Cybil Knight from Botswana called ” All around the A”. The video came out in Oct last year and its been on my top 5 tracks of late 2009. If anybody has the audio hit me back with it at

On a final note, we got this new track from Mad Traxx titled “Get Down” that is a club banger. Apparently the song is to be on his debut album so we were told not to feature the track at this time. All I’m gonna say is that the track is hot!!!!!. Iko!!!

Listen to Sukuma Below


Download ‘Sukuma” below:

Watch The Video “All around the A” below:


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