Mr Blue – Pamoja (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



A few years ago when Mr. Blue dropped with his single Mapozi he took East Africa by storm. Here was this 15yr old boy licking and sucking his lips like LL Cool J, swagger to the bone, with his basket ball vest talking about how to stay true to blue. I recall telling myself whoever is behind this kids success is a true genius, the kid was in BLUE attire all the time, blue cap, blue jeans, blue fitted vest or top. It was brilliant and it worked.

As if his style wasn’t enough his sultry voice got all the young chics buzzin and putting up pin up posters in their rooms. Mr. Blue was trully a phenomenon at his debut. Overtime he fizzled off did some collaborations, went back to school, dropped out went back. I am not sure what the current status is since its been years since I met anyone from his camp however if this new track is any indication of what he is working on currently I could say he is about to make a huge come back.

The beat production is off the chains – Combination sounds! the hook, the subtle freestyle like verses almost make it sound like rapping for him comes so effortless. Real talk folks often said Mr. Blue was arrogant or acted and rapped as if he is arrogant. Personally I say – HELL YEAH! thats your swagger! keep it! its why chiles like your ass. He raps as if he doesn’t give a F%^K about what people think about him. This track is a good indicator of where Tanzanian music is headed. The content is solid and delivery is steady with the content. Tuko PAMOJA!

listen to pamoja here:


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