Mr Blue – Tila lila (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Mr Blue

Finally what I was waiting for, a song that celebrates nothing but pure alcoholism lol. Seriously when you listen to this song back to back you will realize two main things 1) its very repetitive, 2) he only spits about 4 to 5 bars lol. Okay enough clowning, Mr. Blue or on this video more like Mr. Red has grown up so much, I almost thought his music wouldn’t grow with him at all. Its amazing how he has reshaped his brand to accommodate his old fans (mainly tweens) and his new fans this new age youth that like a lot of western sounding music.

There are various parts of this song that seem like they have been engineered (audio or vocals) and then there are parts that he seems to be raw so I am slightly confused. In a way I could hear T.I.D all over this track especially when he pulls his cords in between the chorus. Either way this is a cool club track I would imagine, its a feel good song with no important message to send forward ha ha ha but please lets remember that KERORO made NONINI’s career in Kenya. So to me it may appear anytime you sing about being drunk or about boozing – then you might have a winner… (pass the courvoisier)

listen and download the track here:

Mr Blue – Tilalila by getmziki

watch the video here:


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