Brand New: Nameless and Habida – Sunshine


image courtesy of Nameless Myspace

Am a little conflicted about this song, mainly because I fe Getting My Boyfriend Back el like Nameless has that signature feel and style on all his tracks. Nameless is inevitably going to be the Zouk, Kapuka or Classic AfroZouk – Rythmn and Zouk king of East Africa. My challenge is to completely accept that he will only be good in that box. My second challenge is to accept that he will make these kinds of songs and still be good at it because darn it this song has been growing on me and I dont understand why. Its like a bad Malaria flu. I remember I hated that Salari song, I sang it day in day out but I still hated it.. I still hate it today… but I can sing the whole hook.

Now this whole collabo with Habida threw me off initially, coz I know Habida personally and I thought she was still in Atlanta. It turns out shorty moved back home and has been working on boosting her musical career from digz. Habida tried to penetrate the US market relentlessly, I am not sure how far she got but you can tell from her vocal skills that she can handle her own. Plus the fact that she is a cake (supuuuu videdly). Either way why don’t I open this track to the floor and get some feedback… for now I am feeling the track, and a part of me doesn’t really want to like this song – I dont know why I am fighting it…

listen to Sunshine here:


download the track here:

Click HERE to Download the track “Ihale” (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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