Chizi feat Neema – Songa



Through our my musical journeys in Kenya I spent a lot of time with Kanji and some of his team members whom I thought were on the verge of changing the musical scene in Kenya. This one dude whom I never met called Dan Aceda (aka Chizi) seemingly has such an inspirational voice that I kept comparing to Eric Wainaina.

Actually for the longest time I thought Chizi was Eric or vice versa, so when I learned recently that Dan is Chizi and that this production is his – the first thing that came to my mind was ERIC WATCH OUT RUN… RUN… This is one of the singles off his album which is available online somewhere (Dan if you read this post the link to your online e-store). Last time I posted this song on one of my other blogs – Dan complained about how artists will survive. Yet Kmadness (part of his following and record label with Kanji – offers so many other downloads for promotional purposes, so I am conflicted) : Check out KMaddness here
. Otherwise give this joint a listen. Neema who is one of Kenya’s soulstresses kicks in a good back up BGV’s (background vocals) and the Timothy beat (Timothy – Tim – Innovator formerly of Samawati productions) comes together to make this African Soul Banger.. I call this world class standards.. Good track.. good composition, good writing excellent delivery. Big ups Chizi and Neema .. Songa Mbele


download the track here:


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