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We posted this song the same day it came out of the kitchen but its been stuck on our homepage with other songs which we don’t normally feel like writing stu

ff about. However I’ve been going back and forth with one of the DJ’s here at GetMziki so I figured I would post it, post the instrumental and then put my two cents about my recent argument with the DJ/Producer who I was arguing with.

Let me make one thing clear before I say how I really feel – Musyoka and I talk a lot (the producer of this track). Nikki and I are also fairly good friends, so any criticism here is nothing that I am scared off short of Musyoka and Nikki Making a Diss track he he he he. I say it as it is with no French toast in between, mostly because I respect and love these two folks – we’ve known each other for long.

To me the first time I heard this track I was like damn thats a heavy beat – its tight, who produced that? Then I looked at the credits and saw Musyoka. I felt as though Musyoka had changed his style and is going POP – the song sounded too Western and too Hiphop Young Jeezy-ish. I still feel its too Western/Urban. I don’t find this a strong part of Musyokas production technique, and I have told him this on numerous occasions. But I respect the fact that a producer at times will want to venture out of his comfort zone and try something new, which to this argument this wasn’t the right artist to venture out and challenge that conventional reality. Nikki is an okay singer – actually I prefer her singing style to many other Kenyan artists but I am constantly asking myself if its time for her to switch it up! (am not saying her career is done, I am saying I have often felt her style needs to be switched up or changed up to something more current, more mature, more in-line with the people she grew up with, like I thought Nikki should have been part of the whole Imekubaliwa movement… but thats another story)

Nikki has been singing for a while so for me to make this statement its not like its unprecedented (I’ve voiced my opinions about her singing on this blog frequently in the past), I mean I used to watch her perform “Mapenzi Tele” back in the day so I feel like I am a large part of her success and growth… (ohhh boy I get so emotional talking about Nikki)… There are days I feel like the whole singing in English is just not – an us thing – its not an authentic African-ness, its not authentic Afrosoul – Genge – Kapuka – or whatever Kenyan Music Genre we want to put this music into. To me once you start singing and rapping in English it means I need to compare your flow to an American artists and thats just where the sadness comes in. For the few artists who can pull it off and get away with it like STL – let them be merry, but to the few who just havent had the opportunity of adopting the language and the swag that comes with singing and rapping in Kimombo! please just let it go. Nikki is borderline with this style, she almost gets away with it but to me I prefer it when she adds Swahili or some other dialect in her music.

So in continuation or to sum up the argument I was having with one of the DJs last weekend here is my summary.

– NO I don’t think this is a good song, I think the beat is cool but its not a song I would play in a club nor is it a song I would want to listen to over and over again. It’s just okay.
– YES I think Nikki can sing, but I think she should stay focused on the “Hii Ngoma” and other “Niwe wako” and “Mapenzi Tele” but I accept the fact that in your album you will always have one spirited song and this possibly was the song that she wanted to be inspired by.
– NO I don’t think Musyoka will agree with anything I have written here and even if he does he won’t openly admit it.
– NO I don’t think Nikki will respond to this post either (lol)

Thats my take…

For the DJ heads eat your heart out on this Musyoka instrumental – enjoy

listen to am leaving here:


download the track here:

listen to the instrumental here:


download instrumental here:


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