Nonini feat Ngoni – we love to party


I got this song a while back but I hadnt figured out if I should share it or not, while I love Nonini to death – I think this is not one of his best work. HAIJA NI BAMBA. I am not sure if its Ngonis screaming in the back or just the sheer fact that I think or feel it was a rushed song. I love both these artists in their own right – but this song didnt do much for me.

However while we digest this song, Nonini how about sending me that song that’s on the intro of this video, that sounds like a BANGER.. better than this we love to party track. The person on that other hook sounds sick too waaa.. “funga domo lako, haunijui mimi, wacha nenda wacha nenda” thats some sick joint nitumie… (Ati nonini siku hizi ame nona, swahili ni hii mbona we umekonda! ha ha ha thats right) nitumie hio ngoma ndo niwache ku upload ma ngoma kama hizi.

Otherwise I know there are guys here who might love this joint… So Enjoy! Nonini and Ngoni

listen to we love to party here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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