Octopizzo – Kibera World Cup


2011 is here and it’s going to go pretty fast. We’ve been working on too many things over the last few year for us not to release them this year so sit tight (WE PROMISE) this year should be different. As different as this track we want to kick off the new year with.

OCTOPIZZO: Facebook – [Octopizzo Facebook Page]

One of the crop of up and coming rappers in Nairobi whom not too many people know about. Most people know about the Abbas, Noninis, Kanja and so forth. Actually at this point the Nonini’s can be considered Old School rappers. This new crop of rappers include Octopizzo, G-Kon and a few other cats who would take this whole post to list down. (Rest assured their music has been received and will be posted shortly).

The track we have posted is not necessarily the best but we think it gives you the feeling of the energy. If you meet Octopizzo in town or you see him walking. It almost as though there is a beat in his head that he is walking to. Thats the kind of energy the youth has and exudes. This track was delivered to our Kenya offices as a sneak preview to what he has in store for 2011, we were also privy to an exclusive photo shoot while they were shooting the music video.

This is one of the artists we believe the industry needs to watch in 2011- Give Kibera a listen.

listen to Kibera world cup here:


download the track here:


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