Parking Lot Grass- Shimo Mfukoni


With all that we've featured, some artists are getting their GetMziki debut with lots of bang and pomp. Parking Lot Grass (PLG) is an all Kenyan rock band based in Nairobi that came together in 2006 but has been active since mid-2010. The band draws a lot of its influence from some of rock’s greats, such as Black Sabbath, Metallica and Foo Fighters. These legends of rock, along with diverse individual tastes within the band’s members, have helped PLG define their own unique style of rock that’ll have rockers banging their heads and singing along to their tunes.

PLG was formed almost five years back when Ali, Vic and Hawi (former drummer) were in Strathmore University for their undergraduate studies in Commerce. The three had nothing in

common and were a clash of personalities that would never have mixed were it not for their craze for rock music. The three became best of friends, bonded by their passion for rock, and set out to form their own rock band. PLG is at present, comprised of 5 members: Victor Chweya (Guitar/ Vocals), Alistair Gould (Guitar) – the founding members, and ex-Tusker Project Famer, Raphael Sipalla (Lead Vocals), Amos Kiptoon (Bass/ Guitar/ Guru) and Nick (Drums).

Please be warned, if you’re not careful, you might just find yourself listening to this one every day for the next few days and trying to get a hold of more of the groups music. PLG show us just how serious they are about this rock music on the lead single off their EP “Shimo Mfukoni”.


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