Proff – Data and Niambie (GetMziki Mixtape Fridays)



Initially I was going to feature a couple of artists on my Mixtape Fridays, but I decided to showcase the artist Proff with 2 of his smash songs. I just could not get a decent pic of Prof, so my apologies for that. If you don’t know who Proff is, then you will slowly but surely be bumping to his music this year. Matter of fact you probably have heard his music but you never knew who was behind them tunes. He’s been on the grind for a minute and is currently now enjoying success with his smash song “Data”. However before that he had his smash hit song and video “Niambie” that most people slept on and which I had featured on one of my “Streets are Mine” mixes

Currently working with Maich Blaq and the Herbalist, Proff is in the studio working on his debut album “Siku Nyingi” which will be a fusion of reggae, ragga and Afro-fusion . I’ve always said that he has some crazy vocal skills and his music is like a Gumbo of East African sounds, which will instantly make his music cross over across the seas. I’m sure most djs will be adding this tracks in their sets.

Enjoy this tracks:

Listen to the Tracks below:

Proff- Data


Proff- Niambie


Download the Tracks Below:

Watch The Videos below:


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