Remmy Ongala – Asili ya Mziki



I wouldnt be doing this website any justice if I dont share the tracks that made me who I

am from time to time. Honestly I dont care if anyone is feeling this track or not – just the sheer fact that I have it in digital format I think for me is a big deal. LOL. Jamani! So the fact that I am a mixture of different cultures is not really a secret anymore – however the fact that I have a dangerous folder on my ipod that has zilizopendwa would be one of the last few secrets I come out with.

I grew up listening to Remmy Ongala as with many other Tanzanian kids whose parents were fanatics of this dude. Remmy also knowns as Remmy Sura Mbaya was sort of a legend in his time. He and his band are probably one of Tanzanias most well known band (Super Matimila Orchestra). Remmy’s more popular hits include a track called Kifo! which was banging in those days – I musta been like 10 years old listening to Remmy but honestly I appreciate his music more today than when I was growing up.

However the reality of posting this song here is the sad fact that as I look at many Kenyan, Ugandan, Tanzanain artist today – very few actually tap into these old school sounds to make their music today more relevant. I really wish someone would develop a concept for a show where all these new artists (Nameless, Habida, Wahu, Kaz, Atemi and the likes) would redo all the old tracks and put a new funky twist to it….

This track would be redone to suit the title of our website – MZIKI

Mziki ni fundisho, Mziki ni muombolezo, Mziki sio uhuni… DAMN… this is some real Mziki here – you gotta appreciate tunes when they come across like this… LOL

Ama am on my own journey on this track?

listen to asili ya Mziki here:

download the track here:


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