Sarkodie – Lay Away (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


We have been shy of posting any music from Sarkodie for a few reasons which we cant get into here but I think Lay Away is a song worth posting whether you like it or not. Sarkodie is the first artist to be signed to KonLive Africa or Konvict Music label Africa division. Sarkodie who was already Ghana’s biggest artists and probably the fastest rapper in the continent wasn’t entirely surprised am sure.

Honestly when you listen to Lay Away you realise that not too many local artists can do what Sarkodie does. Sarkodie is a Jay Z in the 80/90’s, a Twista in the 90’s/00’s and a SARKODIE in the present – meaning the does what those artists did but in Ghanaian lingua and it just sounds fresh. Id love to see Sarkodie collaborate with Kenya’s Muthoni the Drummer Queen – that would be a killer track. Babz can you put this together? I have Muthoni’s number anytime you guys are ready.

Thanks to Dona once again for highlighting probably the best Mixtape Friday edition I am yet to see.

listen to lay away here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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