Sauti Sol – Malikia (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Sometime earlier this year Sauti Sol dropped their sophomore album appropriately titled “Sol Filosofia.” I have been trying to slowly internalize it over the last few weeks however to be honest I think it captures a little bit of everything which I wasnt quite sure if it was the right strategy. However after several listens, I am glad to report that I think they stayed true to their brand and their sound. Initially I had heard rumors that they were selling out and are trying this whole new dance sound and this eclectic sound that would allow them to cross over to Europe or US. However after listening to the album (its available on itunes and Amazon), I can carefully say – the men who brought you the “the Blue Uniform” are still intact.

From the entire album this is the one track that stands out for me. This for me is why I listen to Sauti Sol, and more importantly this for me is why I love Wesh, PENYA AFRICA (Imekubaliwa) and everything in between that these cats put together. I mean yes the album seems to have a little bit of everything for everyone but to me if you asked me to describe Sauto Sol – I would probably pull this type of songs from their bag. The tracks brings out the maturity in their voices, the harmonies, the synergies – its just a perfect African song. And there is nothing that says miro as much as MALIKIA (although waswahili tunasema Malkia). If you have a shorty you like you may want to play this for her over and over again..

ps. Sauti Sol stylist – I see Skinny Jeans attack in Kenya too lol

listen to malikia here:


download the track here:


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