Skool Fizz ft 2K and Daluta – Dunia Ya Leo


We have featured Skool Fizz before with Huku Majuu and they recently released this single featuring “Daluta”
and 2K. Currently based in the US, they are slowly but surely filling the void that other artists haven’t done so by releasing music on a consistent basis.

Here is an exceprt from Leo when he posted the “Huku Majuu” track. “I’ve been trying to tell guys that the whole Kenyan-American music scene is on the up rise. There are is a new style, a new genre in the making, and if Ogopa, Blu Zebra, Backstage, Homeboyz, Blackstar, Red Room, Samawati, Ulopa and any other Kenyan production house don’t recognize it – in a few months if not years you will be suprised that no one will be listening to Kenyan Music from Kenya in the US (because this genre will satisfy all Kenyans living in the US, unless there is some cross pollination in future)”.

“Dunia ya Leo” sows the growth and maturity of Skool Fizz, 2K and Daluta. The tracks shows they can write and create good music. I really wanna see them start hitting various cities across the US and start branding their name and music. Kudos to them for still not letting go of the music bug

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:


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