Stella Mwangi – Haba Haba (GetMziki Exclusive **)


Considering we all live under some rocks, apparently the MGP Nordic 2011 (some Scandinavian song contest) have been going on and our dear Stella Mwangi better known to us as STL just made it to the finals. Let me just be clear, to make it to the finals you have to have gone through a rigorous process so this in itself is some massive accomplishment in my opinion. She won the 3rd Semifinal which was held in SKIEN last Saturday and now with this hit new song – HABA HABA she is off to some new phenomenal heights.

Now there are a few interesting things happening here that I am sure are going to catch some of you unaware much like they caught me unaware. Stella is singing, dancing and amazing judges as if she been doing this for a minute. I mean this is STL, the rapper!!! the freestyle artists, the BIACARA artists – where was all this hidden talent when were were banjukaing to BIACARA and the Dreamers??? I am totally amazed. I’ve had to watch the youtube clop below a few times to actually come to terms that some people are just born performers and damn it Stella is a performer.

Anyway for now the girl needs our support even though we cant be in Norway – we send our love and support and we look forward to you winning this thing. (Charles/ side note – looks like Melodi Grand Prix is a song context for kids aged 8 to 15 unless things changed ama? Please educate me/us on the details ama how old is Stella if you don’t mind me asking lol). Either way my question is irrelevant, am glad homegirl is giving the whole haba na haba hujaza kibaba a good spin off… I am impressed and I am speechless. I dont know if I necessarily love/like the song that much, its not the type of track you banjuka to, but I love the fact that she has changed her game and is bold enough to do things out of her element. You go girl… Getmziki Salutes you.

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